The Tale of Murakami

M.R.C. Design

"A closer look at the Tale of Murakami silk twill scarf reveals an unmistakably Japanese theme binding it together from edge to edge. An ode to the famous writer, Haruki Murakami, the wearer will find both his characters and his philosophies throughout the scarf’s intricate patterns. For example, tucked below the Kyoto roses is a young girl floating down the river in a small fishing boat; off to the top right, an elderly man displays the wisdoms collected over a lifetime one grain at a time, and to the left, a green figure kneels humbly over his row of books."

Lightweight 100% Twill Silk scarf in 'pearl' white. Fashion motif with signature typography print in black. Logo at the bottom centre. This scarf has a beautiful shiny front surface and matte back with white silk hem.

Wrapped in a hand printed tissue paper and packed in the white signature box. 



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