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Founded by Toronto based artist Ksenia Sapunkova, Saint Ksenia took a start with a strong desire to create high-end and lasting fashion pieces for the Modern Woman who values the power of timeless elegance. As it evolved, Saint Ksenia has attracted a team of talented young professionals driven to share their creative vision with the world.  The quintessence of Saint Ksenia are images of magical realism. Each image tells a unique story,  wherein the longer the viewer observes the piece the greater part of the tale is revealed. 

Ksenia Sapunkova is a Canadian artist, entrepreneur who was born and raised in Eastern Europe. After she obtained her BA specializing in Sculpture she has moved to Toronto to pursue a career in Illustration. During her studies she developed a strong passion for the fashion industry which inspired her to form Saint Ksenia. The brand is predominantly inspired by the diverse nature of the Canadian land.

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