Not only does it feel amazing, but it will make you feel good too.

Not only does it feel amazing, but it will make you feel good too.

October 27, 2016

Call us romantics, but as we make each of our pieces, we can’t help but think of every bit of history that is woven in to their silky threads. Today, we want to share with you the story of Modern Renaissance Corner’s process, in hopes that we can pass our excitement on to you.

Back in the day…

 As far back as 5000 BC, silk was a luxurious status symbol available only to the most elite of the elite. In ancient China, this fine material was originally reserved exclusively for Emperors to give as gifts; in India, traditional saris made of silk were wrapped around high status brides on their wedding day, and by the time the Europeans had caught word of its incomparable sheen and texture, silk quickly became one of the most coveted tradable goods in the world.

What’s Stronger Than a Metal Wire and Softer Than…

 Well actually, nothing is softer than silk ;) but did you know that a single scarf is as strong as metal when put to the test?

To this day, the process of making silk is lengthy and labour-intensive. The silkworm can’t be rushed from the moment it eats the mulberry leaves until it produces its spindly cocoon, but no matter how hard people have tried, not a single man-made imitator has come close to the almost-magical properties of real natural silk.
 It took us 4 months to find the perfect source of silky goodness. With so many varieties on the market, together with our partner in Toronto, we finally landed on the finest and most expensive style called “silk charmeusse”. This hand-made little number can be made from any type of silk, and refers more to the fabric than the variety.  The charming charmeuse, consists of a glossy showcase on one side (the front), and a dull finish towards the back. Ours is made of 100% pure Mulberry silk, and it has proven to be the perfect match for one of the most delicate parts of your body.
To balance out the softness of the charmeuse and give your scarf the right amount of oomph, we played around with texture until we discovered that a twill weave would help add the extra volume that charmeuse alone could never handle.

When you start with a natural canvas that rich, the only thing left to do is to treat it with the utmost care.

Every piece in our collection starts as a white blank canvas of charmeuse that is just waiting to be splashed with the artist’s imagination. Before she can move on to the real deal, however, she begins by hand-painting every design on high-quality French watercolour paper. Upon taken a closer look at your scarf you will notice that its bumps and imperfections add an element of depth and texture that are unique to each piece.
 Once satisfied with the artwork, she then carefully scans the design and transfers it onto the white blank charmeuse using a process called “Reactive Dyeing.” Once the scarf has been triple-washed, its gamut of colours is officially locked in for life and will never run, fade or create unwanted artwork on the rest of your wardrobe!

A Piece That is as Good to You as it is to the Planet

In a world dominated by fast-fashion and toxic fabrics, we strive to provide you with a harmless alternative that will never damage even the most delicate skin.
 Not only are we conscious of your health, but we also place a high value on taking care of our planet. As opposed to some other methods, digital printing is a smart solution that doles out just the right amount of dye, ensuring that very little ink is wasted. The eco-friendly process is surprisingly low-energy for such a powerful technique, sparing even the most important resource of all: water.
So that’s pretty much it, a little silk, a bit of dye and a lot of love later, every scarf is ready to wear.
Feeling proud of your MRC purchase yet? Not to brag, but we definitely are! We can’t wait to take you along on our journey as it unfolds so that you can rock our pieces knowing exactly where they came from!
Have any unanswered questions about our process? Feel free to chat with us at

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