A touch of gold

A touch of gold

September 25, 2018



As each of Septembers approach, I feel a fresh energy in my life. I love Autumn for comfortable weather, for moderate sun, for the chance to dress up in layers (that feels exceptionally comfortable). Most of all I love Autumn for being the most inspiring time of the year. It can translate into a spontaneous desire to cut my bangs or to start a new project or business. And now my favorite season is here. Autumn is also the time when Saint Ksenia was created.

Today I'm wearing Windswept Swing shawl. I chose a modal shawl for my outfit. It's less shiny than twill silk and feels very natural and cozy. Wandering by the lake between work and meetings makes me feel content.
I'd like to share this feeling and I invite you to look through the Morning Dawn collection and enjoy 30% discount.

Your Ksenia

P.S. Dear scarf lovers, if you are in Toronto feel free to reach me out here or in messenger to save money on shipping. In case you happen to be further than 50km from the city use this code till the end of September:



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